Adenike Oyenuga

ADENIKE OYENUGA, ACC, COC, has worked for 26 years at the intersection of customer service management, performance management, resource planning and optimization of large teams.  An important focus of her work is helping leaders use their power effectively to empower, collaborate and motivate others. She’s committed to supporting the development and performance of individuals at all levels of an organization, as well as the positive functioning of teams and groups.

Adenike has pioneered a series of diversity and inclusion initiatives designed to educate people in the workplace on diversity and inclusion, promote cultural awareness and respectful environments, and create a sense of belonging. She’s a member of the Inclusify Brain Trust team led by Stefanie K. Johnson, author of the book Inclusify.

In addition to her Organizational Coaching and Associate Certified Coaching designations, Adenike is a Team Coach certified by the Global Team Coaching Institute, accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. She’s Power Intelligence® Coach certified, and has completed the Advanced Practitioner course in Hope-Action Theory and Practice.

Adenike is passionate about making positive changes in her environment, and is constantly looking for opportunities to effectively use her multifaceted experience in organizations that value diversity and inclusion at all levels.