Jas Gill

Jas GillDirector of Studies, English Language Institute

Jas Gill, BEd, MEd, started at the English Language Institute as a cultural assistant in 1984. She later worked as an instructor, head instructor, and program coordinator. She has experience in the areas of program development, workplace language training, literacy instruction, and bilingual education, and has taught secondary school students and new immigrants.

She was a consultant with ETS (Educational Testing Service), and developed and presented professional development workshops on the TOEFL and TOEIC exams.

Jas's professional interests include vocabulary acquisition, assessment, curriculum development, and teacher training. She is a frequent presenter at conferences and has served on numerous conference committees and boards of professional ESL/EFL organizations, both locally and internationally.

Jas has taught in Kenya, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. She has a BEd in elementary education and an MEd in second language education from UBC.