Academic and Program Leadership

Our academic and professional staff bring many years of education and experience to the development and leadership of our courses and programs.

Interim Executive Director

Simon Bates Associate-Provost, Teaching and Learning

Program and Administrative Directors

Meghan Aubé Director, Academic Services
Don Black Director
Jas Gill Director of Studies, English Language Institute
Billy Jong Associate Finance Director
Denise Lauritano Associate Director
Tanya Reid Managing Director, Student Engagement and Marketing
Karen Rolston Director
Andrew Scales Director, English Language Institute

Program Leads

Daniel Fortier Future Global Leaders
Lily Gu Translation & Interpretation
Raeanne Lee UBCx on edX
Joenita Paulrajan Intercultural Communication, Diversity and Inclusion
Marcelina Piotrowski Immigration Practicitioner Programs
Matthew Schmidt Languages
Marg Toronchuk Vancouver Summer Program
Heather Turnbull Organizational Coaching